Saturday, 17 September 2016

Poona (Pune) vintage postcards in my collection

These are eight different Poona (Pune) vintage postcards in my collection. 

Names of these eight Poona vintage postcards which are in my collection are:

1 & 2. Parvati Temple, Poona two different 

3. View from Parvati Hill, Poona 

4. Wanowri Temple,Poona 

5. Arsenal Road, Poona 

6. Grand Stand and Race Course,Poona 

7. Railway Station, Poona 

8. Bund in Flood, Poona

I shared my Poona vintage postcards in my vintagepostcards facebook page. 


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Vintage Postcards Facebook Page

Dear friends please look into my Vintage postcards facebook page. In this page i am sharing my vintage postcards, vintage art prints etc. which are in my collection.

Name of my vintage postcards facebook page : 

Srinivasu Dokka Vintage Postcards of India

Friday, 11 December 2015

My Hindu Mythology collections exhibition at University of Mumbai's Mythological event on 16th January 2016

Dear friends i am glad to inform you that Sanskrit Department of University of Mumbai invited me for exhibiting my Hindu Mythology collections in their upcoming Mythology Festival "Akhyan 2016" on January 16th 2016. Sanskrit Department staff approaching me while seeing my third seminar post which i shared in this Heritage of India blog last year and after the procedure finally Sanskrit Department head confirmed my participation in their letterhead. Through my Heritage of India blog i got this opportunity. Thanks to google for getting this opportunity. Like this earlier also some people used my vintage postcards in their books and also BBC used my vintage telegrams in their hindi website link while they watch my collections in my Heritage of India blog. I felt it is a privilege to me. I request local mumbai blogger friends to visit University of Mumbai on 16th January 2016 for our meeting at there. For your reference i am enclosing herewith some photographs of my third seminar post. Sanskrit Department staff approached me while seeing these photos in my blog.

Friends i need your encouragement and support in my projects on Indian Heritage and Culture.

I shared this "My Hindu Mythology collections exhibition at University of Mumbai's Mythological event on 16th January 2016" event information in my facebook timeline also.